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Business Rockstars Interview

Business Rockstars
August 18, 2021

driverDOC CFO Julia & CEO Josh Kolar sit down and talk about growing and scaling your company.


Omaha-based startup driverDOC poised to accelerate growth after capital raise

Midland Business Journal
February 19, 2021

Targeting transportation and trucking companies with fewer than 20 trucks, which is about 97% of the industry, driverDOC founder and CEO Josh Kolar has focused his SaaS platform to help alleviate the mountains of paperwork piled on truck drivers as they transport goods across the U.S. - bringing document efficiency to a fragmented industry and providing real-time data throughout the supply chain.


driverDOC Announces $400K Seed Round to Digitize the Trucking Experience and Make U.S. Highways Safer

Yahoo Finance
January 26, 2021

Funding marks the first Opportunity Zone startup in transportation and trucking to raise capital in the region