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driverDOC has been an outstanding opportunity for Allied to realize substantial cost savings and improve billing efficiencies. The paperwork that took days to process, is now measured in hours. The storage and retrieval of electronic documents and proof of deliveries has never been simpler. driverDOC has significantly improved our business downtime.

Teresa Scheidle

Teresa Scheidle

Director Sales Operations & IT
Allied Oil & Supply Inc.

driverDOC is our only way we receive driver paperwork. It's easy to use and the images are clear. The paperwork is in one place with extra features for the administrator. The team is personable and very easy to deal with. We are happy to partner with them.

Christina VanMeerhaeghe

Christina VanMeerhaeghe

Chief Operations Officer
Robertson-Williams Transport

driverDOC has improved efficiency and reduced personnel time by performing tasks that are now performed in real time. The pictures are phenomenal quality and taken with the ease of a pre-programed template. This is a world-class program that continually improves our accounts receivables billing to received times. The storage and retrieval of our documents and proof of deliveries has never been simpler. I would recommend driverDOC to anyone who wants to improve their business downtime and pay delays.

 Michelle Cauffman

Michelle Cauffman

Customer Service Manager
Allied Oil & Supply Inc.

driverDOC has helped our company by providing quality pictures of our paperwork to use for billing and forwarding on to our customers. driverDOC personnel listen to our needs and provides updates to accommodate those needs.

Lisa Harris

Lisa Harris

Accounts Payable/Receivable
Robertson-Williams Transport
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Auto Detect and Snap

Our camera will auto detect and auto snap documents. It makes the document capture process even easier. It also creates a clearer and higher quality PDF that will make your back-office colleagues very happy.

Offline Mode

You’re in the middle of nowhere with no internet connection? Our new Offline Mode allows you to continue capturing documents, even if you are disconnected. Once you regain an internet connection, the app will automatically upload all of your documents, so you won't miss a beat. Couldn’t be easier.

Robust PDF Viewer and Editor

Edit, merge, crop and share in one place makes the document management process even easier. Documents are centralized and stored in the cloud, not your phone, with time, date and location stamp - providing your business with full transparency.

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